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A Resolute Consultant is assigned to our clients to handle all administrative functions of bringing an ADR case to the table. Our knowledgeable staff will help you identify the most qualified neutral to assist with the resolution of your dispute. We streamline the ADR process by coordinating with our clients, as well as structured settlement brokers, co-mediators, experts and consultants to ensure that all stakeholders are at the table. Once the conference is arranged, we handle all confirming paperwork, contract preparation and oversee submission exchanges.

To assign a case, please fill out the Case Submission Form or call Resolute at 901-523-2930 (ext. 125).

Arbitration Coordination
Whether parties employ Resolute's arbitration rules or another set of rules, Resolute can efficiently and economically coordinate the arbitration process. We offer a highly-qualified panel of over 2,800 former judges, practicing attorneys, professors and professionals who serve as Resolute arbitrators. A Resolute Consultant is assigned to every arbitration proceeding to administer the process, schedule hearing orders and appearances, supervise document exchange and follow timelines.

Resolute's Arbitration Coordination service is especially valuable in tri-panel arbitrations where often one of the greatest obstacles to a hearing date is finding a time that all parties can appear together.