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Proper selection of a mediator/arbitrator is critical to having a successful ADR conference. Resolute provides a national panel of over 2,800 former state and federal judges and attorneys who serve as mediators/arbitrators. We have standing panels for all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. In addition, using our advanced search engine, your Resolute Consultant will quickly assemble a custom panel based on any combination of criteria you choose including location, specialty, expertise, certification, education, training, ADR experience, and judicial experience.

Contact your Resolute ADR Consultant to discuss mediator/arbitrator selection, for state and panel listing or to compile a custom panel tailored to your criteria. Please see the National Offices Map for the Resolute office servicing your area.

To assign a case, please fill out the Case Submission Form or call Resolute at 800-776-6060.