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Professional Liability

Attorney Malpractice Disputes

The failure of a client to follow an attorney’s advice, a client’s dissatisfaction with a result, or simply the lack of communication -- these are just some of the reasons that a client may advance a claim against his or her counsel. Resolute understands the trust, confidence and potential volatility that is found in the attorney-client relationship, and has put together a group of mediators and arbitrators that are not only specialists in their particular fields of law, but are experienced in legal malpractice disputes.

These neutrals not only appreciate the needs of the legal community and their insurers, but are sensitive to the needs of the client, a critical component in reaching a mediated resolution. At the same time, the Resolute Attorney Malpractice Group are teachers to the profession, and well-versed in all facets of judicial standards, and are therefore able to reach an arbitrated decision if called upon to do so. Our mediators and arbitrators have experience in malpractice disputes that develop from commercial transactions, real estate transactions, personal injury, and property damage, among others.

Accountant Malpractice Disputes

The sensitive nature of work performed by accounting professionals often results in malpractice claims, especially in today’s difficult economic times. Clients rely heavily on their accountants in a variety of situations, ranging from matrimonial disputes to problems with the IRS or even federal investigations by the U.S. Attorney’s Office or U.S. Department of Labor. More often than not, these areas are well beyond the layman, and blaming the accountant for resulting financial crisis or possible imprisonment whether justified or not is not uncommon. Resolute recognizes the potential life changing impact an accounting malpractice dispute can have on the accountant and client alike. It is for this reason Resolute provides mediators and arbitrators with the proven experience to navigate these waters with the goal of minimizing the damage to all with a reasoned and fair result.

Insurance Agents and Brokers Disputes

We all see ads on television these days where insurance companies talk about saving money. But they rarely advertise about the scope of coverage that is provided to their policyholder. It is often after the fact that a person realizes that he or she does not have enough insurance, or purchased the wrong type of insurance. The result is not only a claim agains the insurer, but also an errors or omissions claim by the insured against an insurance broker or agent. Resolute’s panel of mediators and arbitrators are leaders in the field for such disputes. We have been requested by the leading trade organizations such as the PIA or the “Big I” to provide risk management for brokers and agents. These neutrals are therefore well suited to work with disputing parties to understand the legal standard of care critical to a successful mediated result, or provide legal authority to support an arbitrated decision.

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